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Whack Your Boos

Whack Your Boos

Whack Your Boos

Whack Your Boos is an extremely attractive boss game. You are very upset and hate your boss but do nothing, this game will help you relieve that frustration. Join the game and escape any internal frustration about the workplace by torturing the boss in different ways. Your character in this game is like being in a psychological panic, hitting and killing his boss will make him happy. You can find 24 different ways to fight bosses, find objects to click on and the number of them will focus on you while beating, fighting and killing your boss. It will appear in the form of a rough but incredible video of a guy who bluntly slants his boss with all sorts of objects, lying around at work to kill him.
Explore your workplace to find all new ways to kill, mimic or spank your boss during office hours. Your colleagues will be frightened and run away, all the works of a serial killer, from beating, shooting and just hitting an unexpected boss.
This game will help you relieve stress, fatigue, help you become more comfortable, moreover it is also completely free to play so you can play at any time, can play online or download machine. Playing online will help you save your result and put it in the global rankings.
The game offers scary bloody images, violent images. So this game is suitable for thrilling lovers; For children or those with weak spirits should not participate in this game.

How to play Whack Your Boos

Whack Your Boos is a simple game, you just need to click the left mouse button to click the weapons on the screen and it will hit your boss. This game will bring you many levels of emotion. In addition to this game, you can also participate in other games at our website.