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Papa's freezeria

Papa's freezeria

Papa’s freezeria

Papa’s Freezeria will give you the experience of selling, you will directly manage a small restaurant that sells food and drink for travellers on the beach and hot summer. You will stick to making and making custom-made items to receive money and reviews to upgrade and attract more tourists.
You will greet and receive orders from customers, record customer requirements and follow their needs.
At the store, there are many unique ingredients to form different drinks and include Sunda colours before serving them to your customers. You need to ensure that the components are accurate and quick to make the required things quickly before your customers get angry and leave.
Many components will confuse you, but don’t worry because your customers only know what they want, take a closer look at the requirements and follow them.
When the index reaches the green part of the watch press the button when the most appropriate time will produce the best quality dishes. Please see the time to get ready for the best food.
After choosing the right ingredients, combine everything and check the mixer clock will form a mixed cup and you will decorate it with other things, other delicious dishes. There are many ingredients that you create unique types and decorate beautifully with lots of fruit or other things.
When you complete guest requests and functional desserts for your customers, they will tell you their feelings. If you comply with customer requirements, customers will be very pleased and compliment you, and then they will introduce more people to help your store more crowded. If you make a mistake, produce a bad drink or dessert, customers will complain and make bad reviews, which will reduce the reputation of the store and fewer people. Keep your customers happy to make more cash and more customers will come.
Every day you will receive a lot of orders from customers and this both makes you happy and also makes you very tired and you need to make upgrades. Upgrades will help you make them easier and easier to manage and upgrade more items and drinks.
Work hard to upgrade your store and more, then you’ll have more customers and your store will grow. You will end up rich and loving not only on that island.
Certainly with your agility will always satisfy customers and bring bigger stores.

How to play┬áPapa’s freezeria

Papa’s Freezeria will bring you many fascinating experiences and exciting entertainment moments. Left-click on tools and materials to complete orders and deliver them to the customer while upgrading

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