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Color Switch

Color Switch

Color Switch

Color Switch is a video game for Android devices, right from its launch, the game has attracted many players, particularly the game has a total installations of more than 50 million and 500,000 players rated the game 5 stars. Color Switch is highly addictive once we play through the first stage, we will definitely have to play the next stages.

color switch

Designed with 2D flat graphics, as its name indicates, the game interface has many different colors, objects such as balls, stars are rounded at the edges giving players the soft feel when interacting with them. Also, the sound in the game is also very gentle and pleasant. Wallpaper in the game is black, and buttons to interact in the game are white, the colorful objects help players play for hours without eyestrain.

In the game players will have to move the ball through the obstacles, to move the ball, remember that the ball can only moves through the cell with the same color, at the first levels, players can enjoy easy move the ball quickly, but at the next levels you have to be very smart and agile to move the ball around.

The game easily cause anger to players like the legendary game Flappy Bird.

In Color Switch control you need a move a small ball go through a lot of obstacles full of different colors. Your task is to figure out how tomove through them. It sounds simple but it is an extremely difficult game and frustrate players. You need to maintain the ball in balance, and overcome all obstacles vertically. Right from the first stagesmoving through the obstacles with different color is not easy, in the next stages the speed is greater and greater, the obstacles change their shape constantly make making players find it hard to adapt to. The circles become denser causing difficulty for players to control the ball and lead to a game over.

color switch

Color Switch is not new about the idea, in fact may games of this type have been made. However, Color Switchis not also difficultbut also livelydue to a variety of colors and the shapes that change continuously.

Creativity lies not only in the game but also in the idea of the great obstacles created the developer. The special shapesthat seem very easy to go through, but is much more difficult than that, which makes it interesting.

Color Switch is an addictive game asthe joy it brings

  • The degree of difficulty is very high, suitable for entertainment and brain training
  • Collect the stars on the way to change the color
  • Various game modes including Challenges, Reverse, Races, Cave, Color Swap, Color Fly, Gravity and Split.
  • More than 500 levels/stages
  • Game instruction is available
  • Playable without internet connection
  • Complete levels to unlock more challenging levels and new ball colors.

Color Switch transforms constantly, continuously, filled with ongoing challenges, so you should know how to press the pause button at the right time.

Playing this gamemay lead to eyestrain, because you have to concentrate on the colorful circle to go have propermove, so your eyes need a rest. Pause button becomes more useful than ever. It will help you regain your mid and change your position to continue to play better and go through many more levels.

This is really a challenging game for the players, requiring both skill and patience. The game has a gameplay, but a high degree of difficulty, always attracts players and is addictive for players for hours.

The game is free so you will have to view ads but they will not be long. This game will be the top choice for those who wishes to spend their idle time.


With great joy ofColor Switch, the game brings experience of victory through each level that helps the player love continue playing. Along with the addiction, the game also cause anger to players due to continuous game over. Challengeyourself withColor Switch by download and play the game immediately. With this article, players can have a better understanding of Color Switch and get higher scores. Let’s conquer the highest of 999 by ourselves.