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Run 3

Run 3

Run 3 game

Rated as one of the most worthy games to be played under the category of flash game, Run 3 is currently the sequel which is awaited and most favorite in the series of attractive speed games.

run 3

What is Run 3?

Run 3 is actually the 3rd part in the series of running games. Previously, the manufacturer and developer of this game were also noted in the gaming community by the two quite successful versions which are Run 1 and Run 2.

Judging fairly, Run 3 is a complete and quite great version, integrating nearly at the same time the appealing features and advantages of both previous versions. At the same time, this version also fixes the majority of errors that should not be present in both Run 1 and Run 2. Hence, we can affirm that Run 3 is a high-quality version and has many significant improvements.

Players can play this game online in any website completely free of charge.

Control in Run 3 and things to know

Run 3, if being recognized in an overview, is really a pretty simple game, simple both in mission and how to control. However, how to control its character to get to the destination safely is all a matter of agility and skill.


About the character of the game: Unlike the majority of current games under the category of speed with diverse selection of game characters, in Run 3, players can only accompany with a single character who is the alien guy. But don’t despair, because the cuteness and pleasantness of this character will bewitch you.

The purpose and mission of the game: Run 3 has a single mission that is you will have to accompany with your character and move on the three-dimensional road segments. And of course, these road segments are not flat but full of challenges and obstacles. There will be a lot of successive black holes from small to large, from short to long on the road coming to your final location. In addition, these challenges are even more dangerous when equipped with covering planks that you can only see when coming close. You will have to run while jumping through these challenges in the exotic aerospace. However, let’s make the most of your ingenuity and the advantages in four-dimensional space to be able to complete the game by walking on consecutive and flat straight line segments.

Controlling the keys and moving the character: To be able to play Run 3 in the most efficient way, it’s best to use the up and down arrow keys in combination with left and right, in which

W key: controlling the character to run and jump forward.

A key:  controlling the character to turn left and rotating the aerospace to the left.

D key: controlling the character to turn right and rotating the four-dimensional space to the right.

At the same time, you can use the SPACE key to jump over the black holes with great length.

Use your ingenuity and agility to avoid all the obstacles on the road segments you go. Even, you can go up walls in the four-dimensional space to escape danger.

Note: Movement speed of the character will increase by level, so pay close attention and focus as your level gets higher.

Run 3 is really a unique game with many surprises. Besides the drawback that it can cause dizziness by the movement speed of the character, Run 3 deserves to be the most worthy game to be played.

Guides on how to play Run 3

Run 3 is the latest version and also the final version of the impressive game series of running which made headlines for a while.

Unlike its preceding versions which had been born previously, Run 3 really creates impression and excitement to players right from the first sight not only by improvements in the quality and techniques but also by extremely eye-catching graphic design in combination with unique and lively music background. Experiencing the significant innovations and changes in both versions Run 1 and Run 2, Run 3 is really a great version in all angles, making players unable to be dissatisfied.


Continuing to direct towards speed races and entertainment factors as essential content, but in this version of Run 3 players are promised to have experiences that are entirely unfamiliar but no less attractive with the extremely attractive aerospace and the difficulty of the game making you crazy for wanting to conquer.

If you are looking for an online game that is simple but not boring and less attractive, then Run 3 is indeed the first option that you should care about and search for. That is not including this flash game is very healthy, suitable for all ages and completely free.

Guides on how to play and control Run 3

Although there are many innovations and improvements in the quality and style of play, basically Run 3 is still a game under the category of Incremental game, so you can fully control and play it easily.

For most of games under the category of Incremental game, players often have very simple tasks in the role of a custom character that has been preinstalled by the game. Then, by touching the screen or controlling keys, you will control your character to go through obstacles on the journey to the destination.


Basically Run 3 also has the style of play completely not different from the ordinary Incremental games. However, not so that it loses its inherent attraction. The attraction of Run 3 lies right in the simplicity of the plot and entertaining nature of the game.

Coming to Run 3, players will meet an alien character who is very unique and funny and join him on the roads moving in very weird areas outside the universe. Those are the roads with three-dimensional space, which can rotate and reverse back so that you can move at any location. However, on such tunnel there will be black holes from small to very large which are always standing and if you cannot overcome, you will fall out of the universe.

Run 3 is indeed not just a mere entertainment game, but together with that, it trains the players the skills, agility and dexterity that most of other entertainment games rarely have. You will need to practice a lot if you want to get to the destination in this game. Because apart from the obstacles which can be seen right in front, on the tunnel there are pieces to temporarily shield the black holes. When you walk through but still cannot jump promptly, you will also be swept out of the universe. You will have to use your dexterity to be able to take advantage of the flat road segments interconnected through the edges of the 4-dimensional space. It is interesting, right?

Following the significant successes of versions Run 1 and Run 2, Run 3 promises to be an unforgettable experience of the series of running games. Let’s try this game to more clearly feel its uniqueness and attractiveness.