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Moto x3m 3

Moto x3m 3

Moto X3M 3

Moto X3M 3 is a racing game with over 20 levels along with lots of stunts, obstacles and high speed.
Join your vehicle in the crazy world of falling and exploding objects, jumping over them with lots of deadly obstacles to reach your destination safely.
Each of your tracks has many obstacles, and there is a specific counting time in each track, although, on the screen, you’re racing alone really you’re competing against race time with lots of other players. Whoever finishes in the shortest amount of time, he or she will win.
The time clock will count for you in each race, at the end of the race, your time will start from the beginning, if you have not finished the race but lose your life, the clock still runs. In each track, you will not lose any stars; you will get three stars if you lose your life, the number of stars will decrease. The number of stars reflects your racing situation.
Each race is a terrain with a different layout, extremely crazy, and it can ultimately kill you if you ignore. You may have to cope with circles of sharp gears, explosives, falling objects. On any road or device line, you will lose network.
You can control your car to accelerate quickly, adjust the car so that it makes contact with the ground safely without being overturned or bumped anywhere and sometimes you will need to brake your vehicle into it. go in your direction
The ability of the character arranges all challenges on the track. It would help if you were flexibly controlling the character to overcome those challenges quickly. The game promises to bring players great experiences and real and dramatic racing tracks.
The game has a beautiful interface, user-friendly, fast-paced and powerful sound with life will bring players many new emotions.

How to play Moto X3M 3

Use a combination of up and down arrow keys to accelerate and slow down.
Use the left and right keys to adjust the vehicle’s tilt.
When you fly high, you need to try to adjust the wheel so that your body does not contact anywhere and the car lands safely.

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