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Whack The Thief

Whack The Thief

Whack The Thief

Whack The Thief  is a game to protect your house when a malicious thief breaks in by all means to beat these thieves. When the thief breaks into your home, you can click on various objects in it to use them as weapons, destroying the thief. You can use the tennis racket on the couch, use sacks hung on the fireplace or escape through the side door and many other weapons. Choose the right weapon for you, hit the thief and you can replay the level to try different endings. When you kill the thieves in your home, you will become safe. Those weapons can cause thieves to lose some parts of their body, explode to pieces …
This game will help you relax after a hard day of studying and working. This game is completely free to play, so you can play it online or download it to play anytime. Playing online will help you save your result and put it in the global rankings.
The game has horrific images, a lot of blood comes out when you are stabbed, when you lose parts of your body like arms, head, legs or when you are blown to pieces … all are very scary images. This game is suitable for those who love thrills and for children or those with weak spirits should not participate in this game.
You can pause or turn on / off the sound in this game, can play this game in full screen mode or smaller.

How to play Whack The Thief

Whack The Thief is controlled by mouse. You will use the mouse to click the weapons to destroy the enemies. This game will bring you lots of interesting emotions. In addition to this game, you can also participate in other games at our website. Wish you will have fun moments when participating in this game.