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Happy wheels 3

Happy wheels 3

Happy Wheels 3

Happy Wheels 3 is one of the most popular adventure games. The task of the player is to reach the final destination in each race to win.
To participate in the race, players will choose one of the characters owning each different vehicle. Choose a character and choose the racing terrain then participate in the game. There are many different terrains, all of which include obstacles, deadly traps such as mines, sharp saws, dangerous canyons …, they are arranged together. based on physical principles. The terrain is challenging and challenging, bringing players moments of entertainment fun.
To overcome the terrain, players need to have delicate observations, handle situations quickly and very cleverly to avoid dangerous objects. Do not allow the character to contact any object so that the character does not suffer any physical damage. When parts of the body are hit with any object, that part will be lost, possibly less or less depending on the impact. The strong impact will cause the body to lose a lot, sometimes even breaking into pieces. Light collisions can take away a small part and the character continues to move to the finish line.
When the body is hurt, blood will bleed a lot, looking very scary. Because of the bloody images so children should not play this game, the images can affect their psychology and thinking.
In this section, players can customize the play level, play at any level depending on the player wants, each level will give players different challenges and surprises.

How to play Happy Wheels 3

– Use the up arrow key or the W key to accelerate,
– Use arrow keys left / right or A / D keys to adjust tilt,
– Use down arrow key or S to back up

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