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Whack the Serial Killer

Whack the Serial Killer

Whack the Serial Killer

Whack the Serial Killer is a horror action game. Inadvertently you stray into a house in which there are murderers, you are caught and you must find a way to escape before being killed by that guy.
While the killer is grinding his sword to kill you, you can ask for the help of a dog trapped in a cage so that he comes to bite the rope, untie you. Then you need to quickly find items that can attack and kill the killer. There are many objects in the room, you will be patient and will find the things you need. There are things that need to work together to kill a murderer. When you find them, select them to play videos that automatically kill that guy. After you find the item and kill that person, replay the game and select another object to see your next unique animation of killing him. Find all the different widgets to complete the game.
This game brings a lot of scary bloody images, so it is not for children and those with heart disease or those with weak spirits. It haunts them or the children can learn, causing violence to those around them.
This game is completely free to play, you only need an internet connection, you can play anytime, anywhere with just one mobile device.
You can save your results on social networking sites or share with everyone, invite everyone to play with.

How to play Whack the Serial Killer

Whack the Serial Killer is controlled by mouse, you just need to move the mouse to search for objects that can attack the killer, after finding an object you click to select it and watch the release video you use. Use weapons to kill the killer. The game will bring you many interesting experiences, through which you can relax after a hard working time.