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Dead zed 3

Dead zed 3

Dead Zed 3

Dead Zed 3 takes you to war with zombies to protect your country independently. Extremely interesting flash game will bring players to extremely engaging experiences.
Zombies from all over come and attack your base, while waiting for reinforcements, you and your teammates must destroy them all, to maintain the base.
Zombies with many different shapes and characteristics, there are fat names, bone names but move very fast, those names just move quickly and move to the sides. They appear in large numbers and appear in layers, alternating layers of different or similar zombies, each group will have a lot of zombie troops. When all groups are destroyed, a new layer of zombies will appear.
Every zombie has a colored bar on the head, this color bar represents health status. The colored line will fade away when you hit a zombie, when it hits a lot it will die.
You are provided with a gun with lots of bullets, you will aim the gun barrel at the right zombies to kill them. When you run out of ammo, it will take a short time for the bullet to reload automatically. Your mission is to accurately and quickly aim at the zombie target before they come to destroy your base.
When you kill zombies, you will receive a bonus and use this money to buy weapons upgrades or super powers. There are many different weapons with different features and abilities, the weapons will help you destroy a large number of zombies and quickly. However, there are some weapons and super powers that can only be used a number of times so you need to use them properly to get the best effect.
The game has helped a lot of people entertain and reduce stress extremely effectively and players can easily play anywhere, whenever they want via iOS devices, Android or computers.

How to play Dead Zed 3

Dead Zed 3 mainly uses the mouse to buy upgrades, adjust the gun and left click to shoot. Capture the exact target and use the upgrades appropriately to achieve the best effect.

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