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Raze 4

Raze 4

Raze 4

Raze 4 is a human war with an alien force aimed at taking back Earth, where the aliens are invading. Background took place about 10 years ago, aliens came invaders, they devastated and destroyed the earth, massacred many people, turned humans into slaves for them and built the Earth into their bases until now.
But people do not resign themselves to fate, they have built up military forces for many years and are waiting for the opportunity to act. You will control your character along with the army, join the fight with aliens to reclaim the Earth.
The game includes two game modes, that is, human campaign mode and fast game mode.
Quick game mode, including many battles separately and unrelated to each other. In this mode, you can set the match as to the number of aliens you need to destroy, the number of allies you join. To complete the battle, you need to destroy the number of aliens that you have installed.
Human campaign mode, there are many levels linked together, each level will have many challenges, lots of dangers, deadly traps and lots of aliens. In the first level, you will have to destroy their security barriers to penetrate inside the base. You are the pioneer, opening the way and breaking down the protective barriers to the army to go deep inside, together destroy the aliens. The sword will help you to stop the weapons from the door. Guns will help you kill aliens and these are two things that have been equipped before.
Regardless of the game mode, you collect all the weapons that appear in each battle, the weapons help you kill enemies faster.

How to play Raze 4

Raze 4 uses arrow keys or WASD to move, space bar to jump up, and Esc or P to pause the game.
To select special weapons use 123456, to select weapons in front or back using Q or E keys (or Shift / Enter), use swords by pressing F / Ctrl and left click to fire a gun

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