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Hurt Bieber

Hurt Bieber

Hurt Bieber

Hurt Bieber you will control his character to let him be most injured in limited time. Did you tell him to drag him everywhere in the screen, causing him to bump into objects in it, bumping into any item will cause him injury and blood loss, then you will earn points .
The objects in this game are all lethal, it can be a ball suspended by a chain, can be boxes, … the shock will make him seriously injured, the more If you are seriously injured, the bigger the number of points you will receive. You will control your character to hit all these objects at high speed.
You have 45 seconds to play this game, you have to try to earn a lot of points before time runs out. Time will pass quickly, and you will constantly earn points to improve the achievement. Regular practice will help you become more proficient and get a higher score. After finishing the game you can save and share your score on social networks for everyone to know.
You can also compete with friends, people everywhere or with yourself, scoring higher points.
This game brings a lot of scary bloody images, so it is not for children and those with heart disease or those with weak spirits. It is very provocative, haunting them or the children can learn, causing violence to those around them.
This game is completely free to play, you only need an internet connection, you can play it anywhere, anytime just with a mobile device.

How to play Hurt Bieber

Hurt Bieber is played by mouse control. You use the mouse to move your character, causing him to bump into objects and get hurt the most. This game gives players many emotions, helping players relieve stress, pressure during study and rest. Wish you relax well while playing our game.