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Gunblood is a fighting game between you and other opponents. This is a Western shooting game of Wolf Games, with many levels, each level is each mission, challenging different but the goal is still shooting and destroying your opponent.
First you will choose your character, then participate in fierce gun battle. Place the mouse on the chamber and wait for 3 seconds to count down, you will quickly fire the gun on the opponent. Your speed and goals will determine how you score. You only get 6 bullets so you need to use them properly. Your opponent doesn’t waste any time trying to kill you. In the middle of some duels, you have the opportunity to train with your assistant by shooting at a knife, bottle or even a bird. Shoot as much as possible to score more points.
After each successful match, you will meet another opponent, more challenging and your survival rate greatly reduced, trying to win every duel and proving that you are the best shooter in town.
This is a fighting game, requires a flexible reaction, fast and takes place very quickly.
This game is free to play and can be played anytime, anywhere if you want. This game will help you relieve stress, fatigue, times when you are very upset and no one to share you can also play this game. It seems like dumping through the guns.

How to play Gunblood

Gunblood is played through left mouse control or touching the screen. Hover the cursor over the barrel of the gun at the bottom of the screen until the count is 3 to 0. Then quickly pick up your gun and fire at the opponent. Speed and goals will determine your victory. In addition to this interesting game you can also play other games at our website.