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Cubikill 6

Cubikill 6

Cubikill 6

Cubikill 6 is a mass murder game with weapons you find. You don’t like your colleagues so you’re crazy, you get into a panic, you go through the rooms and look for the stuff in there, which is useful for killing people.
Check the whole office, if you see a sharp piece of glass, it will be a weapon to help you kill the remaining people, use that piece of glass to stab people to hurt them to death to increase your score. Continue to search in different rooms, be it scrolls, brooms, and pee-pee action, … using those to damage anyone on the screen, socks even the things of a panic man. There are people who can escape when you’re attacked, so you have to kill them quickly so they don’t have a chance to run away. Search for all the necessary items and kill those in it to complete each level of the game.
The game includes scary horror images, a lot of blood comes out when you hit your teacher so this game is suitable for thrill lovers; Children or people with low spirits should not participate in this game.
The game is completely free to play, so you can play anytime, anywhere with your mobile device, you can play online or offline, as long as you feel comfortable. Playing online will help you save your result and put it in the global rankings. You can also share your results via social networks like facebook, …

How to play Cubikill 6

Cubikill 6 is played by left clicking. To pick up items you need to hover around the screen and click on the things that you think are right, then use those things to slash the person you see in the game screen. You then move the mouse to move to other rooms, continue to search and kill people. “