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Feed Us 5

Feed Us 5

Feed Us 5

Feed Us 5 is an extremely interesting game. In the game you will play a bandit or a king. First you will be a bandit who broke into the palace, mixed up as a servant and sought to kill the king to get the throne. You will go after the king and bring the weapon up until the maximum energy level it will stab itself to the king, but if discovered you will be imprisoned by soldiers in a prison with no exit and you will lose your life in there. If not discovered by the king, you will kill the king. After he dies, you will take the throne to his head, put on the dragon and wear it and then you will become the king in the magnificent palace.

When you become king you will have to protect your throne as well as your life from the killers just like you before. They become your servants again and try to kill you, when you return to the right place he is holding a weapon, your guards will lock them into prison, now your throne is protected. But this game is not so simple, you will have an energy column showing your life, if it is exhausted, you will die.
Then you continue to play the role of a bandit and the game keeps repeating like that.
This game will help you reduce stress after a long day of studying and working. You can play online or download play when there is no internet connection. Playing online will help you save your results and put it in the global rankings.

How to play of Feed Us 5

Feed Us 5 is using the space bar to play. You will click on it to increase your energy when you kill the king, and when you become a king you also use it to spy on your servants.