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Short Ride

Short Ride

Short Ride

Short Ride will take you to the extreme bike races. In the street scene including undulating roads along with boxes, long bridges, spiky weapons will give you the opportunity to pull the toughest tricks.
Cycling in this game is a very dangerous and even deadly activity. You will join 20 levels of the game with many traps. Get on your bike and complete each level, avoiding the traps: giant razor blades, dirt mines, circular saws, arrows, … These pitfalls can take part or all of your body, make you explode into pieces. In the process of moving you may have a broken leg, an arrow in the chest or an arm, but as long as you keep going, there is still hope. If you fall out of the car then you can climb up and continue your journey. Collect all three stars in every level to complete all of them with a perfect score.
New versions of this game will be constantly updated. The new version helps you play with different skins and the level in each game level also increases.
You can download or play online, playing online will help you save results and compete with other players. This game only requires you to have a computer or mobile device, which can be played anytime, anywhere, depending on your free time.
However, this game has violent gore images, it is best that children should not play because it will adversely affect their physiology.

How to play Short Ride

Short Ride is played in the following manner:
Use the arrow keys to move.
Space bar to board the car.
To become a good player and complete all levels of this game you need to practice regularly, combining the smooth operations. Apart from this interesting game you can also play other games at our website. Wish you happy gaming.