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Whack The Burglars

Whack The Burglars

Whack The Burglars

Whack The Burglars is an action game with bloody images. In the game, a group of thieves break into your home and want to steal your money, you will use all the items in it to hit them, kill them, leaving them no chance to regret when they into your home. Kill them all to protect your home peace.
In your apartment, there are many objects that can be used as weapons, be it a mirror, a sword, a glass bottle, can control the TV … there are objects you will must work together to make it work. All items used to make weapons are put together with normal objects, there are many items so you need to find them. After you find out what makes a weapon, you will watch the animated running video, which is the video of the action you use to beat the thief until he dies.
After finding all the objects to beat the thief in the first room, you will go to other rooms to perform the same action with other objects, your house has many rooms so you will be very difficult. fig.
The game includes scary horror images, a lot of blood comes out when you hit your enemies so this game for children or people with unstable spirits should not play this game.
The game is completely free to play, so you can play anytime, anywhere with your mobile device, you can download it to play when there is no network or play online. Playing online will help you save your high achievements, through which you can motivate to surpass those with high rankings.

How to play Whack The Burglars

Whack The Burglars is played through left mouse clicks to grab items that can hit the thief and left click to move between rooms. This game will bring you many interesting surprises.