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Lucky Life

Lucky Life

Lucky Life

Lucky Life is an adventure game featuring 1 player. You will control your character through obstacles to reach the victory flag.
The game has many short levels, each with different challenges. Your character will walk quite slowly, it can move forward, backward, jump up or crawl down to overcome obstacles.
At the first level, you have to control your character through the guillotine, if not careful you will be wrecked. The next level is jumping over bombs, just missed and you will explode into many pieces. The next level is a rotor-like rotation but has the shape of sharp-toothed combs, it is placed at four angles and rotates continuously, you need to move through it skillfully, otherwise you will be affected by it. take the life. The next level, you will have to cross a slide with a barrel of explosives, you need to jump over it, otherwise you will explode …. each level contains a certain danger but surely Surely you will overcome it.
The game offers risky images, a lot of blood comes out when you are stabbed, when you lose parts of your body such as your arms, head, legs or when you are blown to pieces .. … all very scary images. So this game is suitable for those who love thrills and for children or people with weak spirits should not participate in this game.
This game is completely free to play, so you don’t have to worry about paying more. It also helps you a lot in relieving stress.

How to play Lucky Life

Lucky Life is controlled through very simple characters, which is to use AD or left / right arrows to move. Up arrow to jump. Down arrow to bend down. With a simple gameplay but the game is very risky and thrilling, giving players a lot of surprises.