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Short Life

Short Life

Short Life

Short Life is an adventurous adventure of a hero character that you will control. This game has gruesome gore images, so it is best only for people with a healthy spirit to play it. You will help him pass different levels in this game.
The game consists of 16 levels, each with interesting levels to complete and you can gain a star rating for each level.
Guide him through the undulating roads and many scary obstacles safely, so he does not get hurt or lose any part of his body. Be it cut by a saw, crushed like a grinding pot, stabbed by an arrow or exploded by a burning barrel, there are dozens of ways to kill your hero …. When parts of his body are lost, his ability to move will be more difficult and look more scary, you need to keep him from losing his head, if lost then the game will end. And if he goes into machines or mines, he might explode to pieces and the game will end.
Try to go to the end of every level without being painfully killed, paying attention to the hints on the screen, they can save your life and also try collecting all the stars on the way to unlock the new character.
Your hero’s life can be very short and also very long, it’s up to you. So you try to get him to the finish line safely, with sharp skills, observation.
When your character touches the sharp spines that may be missing some parts of the body, there will appear blood in those places, or exploded into many very scary pieces. Those images are best not to be seen by children, it will affect their physiology. So this game is not recommended for children.

How to play Short Life

Short Life is controlled through the following characters:
Use left and right arrows to move forward or backward
Up arrow to jump up.
Down arrow to lie down.